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Arrival, airport/SwinBus

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Absolute Beginners Weekday Classes Arrival, airport/SwinBus

Registration Check in

Cultural activities

Absolute Beginners Weekday Classes Departure day & Beach day!
Lindy Tech Weekend Lindy Track (Avan+)
Weekday Lindy Track (Pri / Inter) Weekend Lindy Track (Inter/Avan)
Swing Kids  Weekend Lindy Track (Pri/Inter)


Absolute Beginners Weekday & Weekend Classes

Fall in love with Lindy Hop in paradise! – 12 hours of Swing Dance classes for the absolute beginner! The beginners course is designed for those who have only taken a few classes or none at all, and want to jump in and join the fun at Swing Break Mexico! There are discounts if you sign up with a partner, if you register for all 12 hours,  and you will also be eligible for a discounted party pass for the whole week!Schedule:

Beginners Weekday Classes: March 6th, 7th and 8th, 2 to 4 pm* (2 hours of dancing/day – 6 hours in total)

Beginners Weekend:  March 10th and 11th, 2 to 5 pm* (3 hours of dancing/day – 6 hours in total)

Lindy Tech
Paradise Version! – A two level Lindy Technique Intensive Workshop with Kevin & Jo

Schedule: Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday (4 hours of dancing/day)

Our Vision:  Lindy Tech is a workshop where a small group of dancers (15 couples max/level) come together to work intensively on improving their dancing from the bottom-up. For three days, we expect that you are prepared to work hard, are interested in fine-tuning your new skills during practice sessions, and are ready to delve into this magical thing we call Lead & Follow.

Content: They will be a total of 12 hours of classes with Kevin & Jo (4 hours/day) over the three days. This year’s focus will be all about mid tempo lindy hop using triple steps, rocks and weight changes Naturally, as the paradise edition requires, classes start after noon and end before sunset so everyone has time to sleep in before classes and enjoy a beverage at the beach as the sun sets. Social dancing starts at 10pm every night.

Application Process: Everyone will submit a video audition so we can verify which group to put you in. It should be a 1 minute 30 second video of you social dancing to a song 180 BPM or faster. Most people upload to youtube or Facebook and send us a link. (*If you’ve attended a Lindy Tech Previously, a video audition is not necessary because we already know your dancing.) Group 1 will be Intermediate/Advance Lindy Hoppers and group 2 will be Advanced/Advanced + Lindy Hoppers.

Swing Kids
Swing dance for kids! Our Swing kids program is designed for maximum fun!

Schedule: Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, with a show on Thursday.

An exceptional 3 days / 12 hour workshop, with professional swing dancers for teenagers ages 11 to 16. The Swing Kids camp finishes in a dance performance Thursday night for the festival goers!  The classes will be held from 10 am to 2pm, Monday to Wednesday. Water, fruit and snacks will be provided for the kids.

The workshops will include stretching, physical preparation and a good warm-up, danced based games, training in Lindy Hop and solo movement, and the result will be a fun & flashy choreography performed by the kids on Thursday night.

The group size is limited to 30 children.
*Outside of class time, minors must be accompanied by an adult during the entire festival.

Weekday Lindy Track
Schedule: Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday

This track is taught by Tim & Ruchi and special guest teachers (to be announced) is designed for those looking for exciting weekly classes, but not ready to adventure into the Lindy Tech environment.

This track will not just be your ticket to great swing dance training, but also an exploration of the skills it takes to grow as a fantastic dancer. We will work on partner dance skills and solo movement, and focus on improving your coordination, flexibility, and abilities on the dance floor. We want you to leave this course with a philosophy of movement that you can apply to your dancing for years to come.  We are designing the program especially with beginner/intermediate level dancers in mind, but dancers of all levels will enjoy the  content of this 12 hour course.

Weekend Lindy Track
Schedule: Friday & Saturday

The classes we have all been waiting for! The Swing Break Mexico teachers team up to create an exciting learning environment with 3 levels of instruction:

Beginner / Intermediate – You’re no longer new to Lindy Hop, but the journey is still taking shape. You still appreciate review of classic figures, but enjoy new challenges. You want a friendly learning environment full of encouragement, clear instruction and taco making advice.

Intermediate – You are a competent dancer who can confidently say, “I’m a lindy hopper” but you realize there is so much more to learn. You want to start focusing in on fundamentals but still need exposure to more lindy hop repertoire. Most would say you know just enough to be dangerous because you tend to innocently reach for the hottest hot sauce when eating your tacos.

Advanced – You’re edging towards badass dancer. You know all the classic moves, can dance comfortably at high tempos and probably own a tortilla towel. However, you have been dancing long enough to know that something is missing. You are ready to learn anything the teachers throw at you no matter how ‘basic’ it appears to be. You tend to party late but also wake up early eager for the next lesson.

Auditions: Before classes begin on Friday there will be an audition process to confirm the level you’ve signed up for. No matter what level you sign up for, your relative dancing level will be assessed right before classes begin to provide the best learning environment for you.

8 hours of dance training over two days with Shesha & Nikki, Kevin & Jo and Tim & Ruchi. The classes are taught in a 2 hour formats to allow the instructors to delve into their class subjects and profoundly explore the themes

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Registration & Cocktails Sunset Swing Cocktails at Beach Sunset Dinner and Pre-gala warm-up Sunset Swing Cocktails at Beach

Social dance

Bodega Teatro

Social dance

Bodega Teatro

Social dance

Bodega Teatro

Social dance

After Hours Party
El Gallo
Social dance + concert

Bodega Teatro

Concert, show y Social dance

Plaza del Sol

Social dance + Concert

Villas Paradise

Dinner y baile de despedida

Baja Takería


Sunset Swing Cocktails
Everyday we will be gathering at the beach to say goodby to the sun, wash off our hard work in the waves, and play. Everyday can have a different flavor… Gin & Tonics and beach volleyball, Mojitos and dancing with a local jazz band, Palomas and watching the sun drop into the sea…
Social Dances & Concerts
The parties will be excellent, have great music and go late.  We will be dancing on the street in front of one of our favorite restaurants. We’ll be dancing in the special art warehouses which are our workshop locations.  We will visit a fantastic restaurant, Mar Plata on Thursday night for a dinner and dance that can go into the night. Our gala nights (Friday & Saturday) will be hosted at an incredible Villa that overlooks the ocean. Get ready for an all-nighter on Saturday night. We will dance till sunrise and celebrate a beautiful week.   Gunhild Carling & The Swing Mexico Jazz Band will keep our feet moving, as well as our invited DJ team.
Show & presentations
There will be shows! Friday night we are planning a special presentation in the Theater warehouse. Saturday there will be more show & cabaret madness. More on this later.
Thursday 9
 – Cocinando salsas con Eva
– Surfeando con Kevin
– Viaje a Islas Marietas
– Viaje a una playa
– Visita al orquideario


Cocinando salsas con Eva
Surfeando con Kevin
Viaje a Islas Marietas
Viaje a la playa
Visita al orquidiario