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Kevin & Jo
Maxi & Agus
Tim & Ruchi
Eduardo & Pao

Jo and Kevin live and breathe Lindy Hop with their passion for celebrating life through dance. They travel globally teaching and performing dances from the Jazz Era of the 1920’s to 1940’s. Since their partnership began in 2007 they have taught in 28 Countries across 5 continents including North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Together they hold titles at the International Lindy Hop Championships, European Swing Dance Championships, American Lindy Hop Championship, Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown, Camp Hollywood and Camp Jitterbug. With clear and humorous instruction, these two creative and versatile dancers will entertain, inspire and help you become the best dancer you can be.

They are striving to change the world…one rock step at a time.

Maxi Prado & Agustina Zero are one of the most important Lindy Hop teaching couples in Latin America.
They began to dance sharing an enormous passion for Jazz and dance. Highly trained in different disciplines, their skills converge to create a very rich and varied style of Lindy Hop, characterized by connection, sensitivity, fluidity and particularly fresh aesthetics. Artists of improvisation and spontaneity, they let themselves be taken away by the Swing and it’s translation to their bodies. They are passionate about teaching, they are dedicated to innovating, renewing and researching new sources and resources to develop a dance accessible to all. Maxi for over 15 years and Agus for over 11 years, have dedicated their time to training and perfecting themselves in the study of body and movement as well as performers and teachers. Aside from their native Argentina, they teach regular classes, workshops and seminars in Brazil, Poland, Spain, Croatia, Mexico, Chile, Switzerland, Egypt, Portugal, Germany and the Netherlands. They identify deeply with music and movement, committed to providing a modern pedagogical approach, but remaining faithful to the energy and spirit of the original style.

Tim is a dancer, teacher, choreographer, event producer, swing DJ, video editor and project manager who has dedicated the past 3 years to establishing and growing the Mexican Swing dance scene alongside Ruchi and her sister La-Pao. Thanks to their wreckless work Swing México has grown dangerously fast, and in 4 short years the city of México claims a healthy scene of high altitude dancers swinging out regularly, supporting several fantastic jazz bands including the Swing México Jazz Band, regular visits from international instructors, beach festivals and quite possibly he eats the best tacos on Earth.
Aside from co-producing Frankie100, years of work as resident DJ in Herräng dance camp, teaching in various cities across Europe and Asia, starting the Lindy Hop scene & Tango scene in Mumbai, India & putting swing dancing into Bollywood films, Tim is also known for his ability to make up crazy adventure stories about himself that are actually true.

Ruchi and Tim both invite you anytime to their home/dance studio/concert venue/hostel & circus training space -Cracovia 32, Mexico Cities’ house of Swing.

Ruchi started dancing in 2010 in Berlin Germany, after falling in love with this tremendous dance form she came back to Mexico City where she found that there was no Lindy Hop scene in not just the city, but the whole country of Mexico. This situation wasn’t easy and she satisfied her lindy needs while studying achieving architecture degree, by doing everything she could to travel around the world learning from as many teachers and different scenes as possible. She has worked, taken classes and social danced in Herrang Dance Camp, Sweden which she considers her best school.
During her Lindy travels she won 1st prize in  a Jack n Jill competition in Seoul Korea 2012, and 1st prize in Strictly Lindy competition in Como Italy 2015 and 1st Prize of the Mexico City “talento de barrio”  for the Swing division.

It´s been 5 years since Ruchi found SW!NG MEX!CO together with her sister Pao, where she perform regularly and teaches almost every day to different levels of Swing in her dance school.

Being the Mexican Lindy Hop ambassador for the Frankie Manning Foundation, Ruchi is fully compromised with sharing this loving dance with her friends, students, with her country and sharing it around the world.

At 18 years Pao began her studies in circus arts in Mexico City. She joined the company “Escuadrón Jitomate bola” or “The Tomato balls squad” making various national tours.  She later studied circus & clown and physical theater in Spain, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland, and continued apprenticeships in Mexico including formal training in the  “Estudio búsqueda Pantomime-Theatre” by Master and director Sigfrido Aguilar. She founded the “LUNaRTE” “Circ-lio” and “Circo-3-1 “companies, with which she has performed in various international festivals of circus and juggling in Mexico and Europe. She has worked closely with the lighting company “LIGHTEAM” where she has represented Mexico in various international festivals for artistic lighting. She has been general director of the “Mexican Circonvención” for the last 8 years. She has been invited to participate as a judge for various competitions or circus events as the “International Juggling Association” (IJA) or “European Juggling Convention” (EJC).

Pao began dancing “Lindy Hop” in Berlin, more than 8 years ago and since then became involved in the movement of jazz and social dance of the 20’s – 40’s.  In 2010 she founded the “Swing Mexico” school.  Since then she has been teaching and sharing the passion fun and love for this dance. She has attended various dance festivals as a guest artist to share their scenic and teaching projects as well for grown ups as for kids. She has worked with various civil associations “Social Circus” in Mexico, Ireland and Berlin, giving the same teaching and training of graduates in this field. In 2012 she founded the  ¨Laboratory of Creative Processes for Professionals” Cracovia32, where they produced, created and presented many socio-cultural projects circus, dance, music, theater and film; as well as teaching courses, workshops and seminars of these arts. Currently she is professionally engaged in the creation, production and implementation of socio-cultural projects to benefit humanity.

It was in 2012 that Eduardo began his journey through the world of syncopated swing and very soon it stopped being a hobby to become a passion. His spirit and his constant desire to learn led him to train with various masters of the international scene swing. In early 2015 he traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina, an experience what would be the turning point in his training as a dancer. When he returned to Mexico he decided to share his love of dance and swing under the tutelage of Swing Mexico where he began his new career as a teacher in Mexico City.

Now he belongs to the professional dance company of Swing Mexico where he has done shows and performances inside and outside Mexico City. He has been jury for several contests of swing in Mexico City (Expo Vintange Fest 2015 and Sweet’n Hot Rythm Contest 2016) His experience as event organizer had made him part of the committee organizer of festivals and events held by Swing Mexico, as part of always eager to share the joy and excitement of Swing, features that reflects in his dancing.