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Probably not.  Most countries have an automatic 180 day visa on entry to Mexico. If you are in doubt whether your country is on that list you can check here:

Central Time (UTC – 06:00)

This is, however, a funny question, because the state of Nayarit is technically Mountain Time (UTC -07:00).  But the good people of San Pancho decided they would prefer to be on the same timezone as Puerto Vallarta so that you don’t miss your flight… It just means that if your cell phone automatically changes time zone, you might be a bit confused when you arrive as to what time is it. Check with a local and set your clock accordingly.

Please check the how to arrive section on the “general info” page.  If you still have doubts, please contact us.

San Pancho’s  streets and beach are safe for walking day or night, and the community welcomes visitors. Guests often leave with fond memories of the men and women and children they have met during their visit. Some say it is the friendliest place they have ever visited in Mexico, which is as a whole a very amiable country which appreciates its large tourism market.

Yes and no. We’d recommend buying bottled water, unless there are signs saying it’s filtered. In restaurants, people order bottled water. However, the restaurants and stores in town which sell ice drinks or bags of ice cubes, use purified water. Mexico has grown up in the last decade and for the most part the days of Montezuma’s Revenge have ended.

During the high season, between November and April, there are few pests around to bug you. Mosquitos buzz around at sunrise and sunset and the no-seeums haunt the beach after sunset. We recommend you bring repellent along with your suntan lotion and favorite shampoo/conditioner. Shampoo works as an excellent mosquito repellent and is less chemically intensive than traditional repellants.

Yes! San Pancho’s hospital has 24 hr. emergency facilities.

Located on Calle Africa, 2 blocks north of the main street

Tel. #:   311 258 4077  or  311 258 4229

Stay calm and seek a SBM staff member or volunteer.

For Police:

Dial 066 from any standard landline (all home and office phones, phone booths, etc) It is answered in Puerto Vallarta, but they dispatch out from Bucerias, Valle de Banderas, Jarretederas, etc. It depends on the need for service, such as police service, fire service, medical service, etc.

Dial 080 from Mexican cell phones. (Dialing 080 will NOT work from U.S., Canadian, or European cell phones). Please dial 01-329-291-0049 from foreign cell phones. Program this number into your cell for any emergencies. This call goes directly to the office in Valle, 24 hours a day).

To report suspicious activity in San Pancho:

– from a land line dial 045-322-141-5994

– from a Mexican cell dial 322-141-5994 (skip the 045)

– from a foreign cell phone dial +52-1-322-141-5994

State/Tourist Police (Sayulita Station): 329 291 3890

If there is a lack of police responsiveness or effectiveness in San Pancho, call:

Bahia de Banderas Presidencia Municipal (9am – 5pm): 329 291 1870

Fire Department: 01 800 830 2185

The local currency is Mexican Pesos.

You can use US & Canadian dollars (not traveler’s checks) at most of the stores and restaurants in San Pancho and the surrounding area, but you will get better exchange rates at the “Casa de Cambios” (Money Exchanges) at the airport, banks, or from ATM’s.

In San Pancho there are no “Casas de Cambio”, but there are four ATM cash machines. One is located at El Indio market at Calle America Latina; the second is located along the the main street entering town at Mini-Super Mary (near the soccer field); the third is at the Kiosko store on Calle Asia; the fourth is in the pharmacy across from the soccer field.  All ATM machines charge a 25-90 pesos surcharge – check the prices on each one before using. There are a couple more on the street – we don’t recommend using them, as they are less secure than the ones located in private establishments.

Many resturants and stores do accept credit cards, but we recommend to have some cash reserves.

Awesome, amazing, and beautiful.  Generally March in San pancho is the month with the lowest probability of rainfall.  The day time temperatures reach an average of  26°C / 80°F and night time temperatures can fall to a refreshing 17°C/62°F  The sea temperature will be roughly 24°C / 76°F.  

Yes we said paradise.

You are welcome to! The town and area have a lot to offer and it is worth considering coming down early or staying late. Please be aware, this is “high season.”

Yes. We offer refunds until November 30, 2017 and will retain a 15% administration fee if you require a refund. From December onwards, no refunds will be offered; however, you may transfer your pass to another dancer without cost, or postpone your participation until 2019. Please email us and let us know what works better for you.

The Swing Break Mexico Experience

Be yourself. Be awesome. Invite people to dance.  If there is a gender imbalance, invite more people to dance. Scream when you are having a great time, clap when someone does something amazing, celebrate the swing to its maximum.

You are an extremely important element to the experience of Swing Break, and your participation is what makes this camp magic. Be active, propose crazy ideas, play, and have fun. Respect your fellow campers and the locals of San Pancho, and show everyone that the lindy spirit extends beyond the dance floor.

The festival organization is considering the party themes.  We will update you!
We believe that San Pancho is a very special place in México.  It is not a commercial place, there is no Señor frogs, you will not be bombarded with hawkers on the street or pesky bars offering you special deals. The restaurants and stores are family owned, there is a strong feeling of community.  San Pancho likes to call itself the Cultural Capital of the region. It is a very safe place.

This is the Mexico beach experience that we want to share with you.  

San Pancho is a small town and can easily be walked, but perhaps you would like to rent a bicycle or golf cart for moving from place to place. We will be adding information on rentals later this year.
Basically no.  Please read the Code of Conduct and know our policies, but apart from that we want you to have a beautiful experience and feel free.

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