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San Francisco or “San Pancho”, as the locals affectionately call it, is a quiet fishing village that is located 45 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta. This jewel of the Pacific, considered the cultural capital of Nayarit offers a magnificent climate, tropical vegetation, a spectacular beach and the warmth of its 1600 inhabitants. It is precisely its people who have given San Pancho one of its most representative characteristics through their social action, their work together on educational projects, environmental protection and promotion of art.

San Pancho receives visitors from around the world seduced by its enviable tranquility and challenging waves, ideal for surfing. In its cobbled streets are incredible and delicious cuisine that blends the flavors of Mexico with international cuisine. The spirit of San Pancho and its inhabitants, promise ideal for a unique and amazing experience full of Swing!


For your convenience and safety have the following options so you can comfortably arrive in San Pancho:

Whether you travel with us, or on your own, land transportation is a good choice for adventurers who want to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Mexico

The Swing Bus!


Mexico City to Guadalajara to San Pancho

Can you imagine a bus full of crazy lindy hoppers, traveling together on an overnight trip to the beach? We can!
The journey that starts from our beloved Cracovia 32, Swing Mexico’s home and studio in the South of Mexico City. We’ll drive through Guadalajara to pick up more lindy hoppers and then head straight to San Pancho.
To save your place on our “swing bus,” please make your deposit through our website.

Swing Bus Schedule:

Swing Bus: Departs Saturday March 2nd at 10pm from Cracovia 32, San Ángel. The bus arrives in Guadalajara (exact location to be announced) approximately 5 am Sunday, March 3rd to pick up passengers. Approximate arrival time in San Pancho is 10 am on Sunday, March 3rd. Bus returns to Guadalajara & Mexico City on Sunday, March 10th, leaving at 5pm.

On your own


If you prefer to come in your own car, we recommend arriving 15D by road from Mexico City, Guadalajara crossing to Chapalilla where the diversion to Puerto Vallarta is located.


The closest airport to San Pancho is Puerto Vallarta International Airport (PVR). Here is the list of direct flights that arrive there:

From Mexico From USA From Canada

Aerocalafia from Mazatlán y Los Cabos

Aeroméxico from Guadalajara, Monterrey & Ciudad de México

Interjet from Mexico City, Toluca & Guadalajara

Magnicharters from México City

TAR Mexico from León, Aguascalientes, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Morelia & Querétaro

Volaris from Mexico City, Tijuana, Monterrey & Guanajuato

Viva Aerobus from Mexico City & Monterrey.

Aeroméxico from New York

Alaska Airlines from San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle & Portland

American Airlines (US AIRWAYS) from Dallas Ft Worth & Phoenix

Delta Airlines from Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, New York, Atlanta, Detroit, Seattle & Minneapolis

Frontier Airlines from Denver

Southwest from Santa Ana, Houston & Denver

United Airlines from Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Newark & Salt Lake City

Air Canada from Calgary, Toronto & Vancouver

Air Transat from Montreal, Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, Regina, Saskatoon & Victoria

Canjet from Toronto

Sunwing from Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver, Saskatoon, Winnipeg & Ottawa

West Jet from Calgary, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Vancouver, Toronto, Abbotsford, Kelowna, Prince George, Victoria, Regina, Edmonton y Comox

Once you have arrived in Puerto Vallarta International Airport (PVR) you have a few options:

From Puerto Vallarta´s airport:

We strongly recommend that you request our shuttle service, especially if it’s your first time in Mexico. This exclusive transportation is provided by Swing Break Mexico and will take you directly to San Pancho!

Shuttles will be scheduled on the main arrival days, Sunday, March 3rd & Thursday, March 7th, and on for returns to the airport on Sunday, March 10th.

If you are interested in this service, please let us know on our registration page.

swing break shuttle bus

You can take an authorized taxi from inside the airport for approximately $800-1000 MXN.  Their prices are higher than the taxis you will find outside.  If you are up for an adventure and want to save some money, walk across the pedestrian bridge to the other side of the highway, you can haggle a much cheaper rate.  Uber has not found it’s way to Puerto Vallarta yet.

UNITED KINGDOM - JANUARY 19: A new stream-lined taxi-cab has made its appearance in New York. Besides looking much smarter than the old type the new vehicle is roomier and more comfortable for passengers and more economical in use. When police permission has been granted, a fleet of a thousand of the new taxis will be launched on the city's streets. (Photo by Planet News Archive/SSPL/Getty Images)

From the bus terminal outside of the airport, you will find buses that take you to the entrance of San Pancho (Approximate cost $ 100 MXN)

Exit the airport building and take the pedestrian bridge over the main highway and the buses stop right there. Watch for a green “COMPOSTELA” line bus with a sign in the front window saying “San Pancho”. There is about 1 bus every hour; and the passage is about $40 MXN.

Alternatively, one can catch a bus to the neighboring village of Sayulita (2 buses every hour; cost about $30 MXN) and take a taxi from there to San Pancho.

Note: Not all Compostela buses go to San Pancho or to Sayulita. Make sure to ask or look at the sign. “PACIFICO”  buses also make this trip.  They are a little more expensive, but they are air-conditioned and better-equipped.

Although the bus to San Pancho is more direct, it drops you on the side of the highway at the entrance to town. This means crossing the highway and a walk with your luggage, so unless your accommodation is close to the highway it can make for a fairly long walk – as much as a mile. There are occasionally taxis available out by the highway, but there is no guarantee. The Sayulita option is a better in our opinion, if slightly more expensive. Taxis wait by the bus stop and will take you to your door in San Pancho. They cost about $200 MXN – make sure you have exchanged money into Pesos, as they generally only accept local currency.

If you are interested in driving yourself around Mexico, it’s very easy to rent a car from the airport. We recommend you make your reservation at least 3 days before your arrival date.

This classic form of Mexican transport, while extremely slow and hardly recommendable, is available at a fraction of the cost a taxi. The journey from airport to San Pancho on donkey at roughly 3.5 – 6.5 miles per hour (5.6 – 10kph) to be approximately 8 hours not including grass feeding and watering stops.  If you decide to arrive to San Pancho on donkey, and document your experience with videos and photos, you will be inducted into the Swing Break México Donkey Hall of Fame, and have your full festival pass refunded.  


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San Pancho caters to all levels of comfort!
We are currently defining this years housing agreements with the local hotels. Please indicate on the registration form what level of housing you would like and when the options are live we will send you an email to register for housing!

There are a few fantastic Hostels in San Pancho. They have shared rooms and a great community feeling.Limited to 50 people. If you are interested, please reserve your spot.

Hostel San Pancho
Best weeklong stay option.

A fantastic and beautifully designed hostal located directly across the street from the workshop area and several of the party nights. We have booked out the entire hostel, so expect this place to be filled with happy dancers. There are dormitory rooms with bunk beds, and also private rooms with double beds and some suites available that qualify as a low cost hotel option.

Prices in registration section. HERE ⊕

img_0500-2 mg_0202-2
Hostel La Selva


Prices in registration section. HERE ⊕


Hotel & Luxury Hotel options? San Pancho has many amazing places to stay!
Our official options are sold out, but you can get a helping hand from our awesome housing coordinator Gizeh. Just send a housing request to

Refugio del Sol 

Refugio de Sol offers an experience that synchronizes with what is San Pancho. Connect with a new environment, a relaxing room full of natural light, a common space where you can read, chat, eat, or just sit and enjoy the good atmosphere surrounded by lindy hoppers from all over the world. Their rooms are made to be enjoyed. Hygiene, comfort and a sense of peace are the characteristics of their service, and your stay in San Pancho.

It is located just across the street where the workshops will be held and several of the parties in the evening. We have booked the entire hotel and viewed this place full of the vibe of happy dancers.

Prices in registration section. HERE ⊕

El Jardín


Prices in registration section. HERE ⊕

Casa Pancho Playa


Prices in registration section. HERE ⊕

Camping Casa Pancho Playa
An excellent camping option right across the street from the main party area of Swing Break Mexico. The camping is large, and has a huge swimming pool… We have a feeling this is going to be the alternative party spot this year!!!

Prices in registration section. HERE ⊕



The small independent eateries in town come highly recommended and will satisfy any palate.
We will be offering breakfast and lunch meal plans for your convenience so that you arrive to your classes well fed. There will also be a special Saturday Dinner on the last night of the festival.
Below are a few higly recomended resturants you shouldn’t miss.


El Gallo is a restaurant/bar known for its traditional “Nixtamal Mexicana” stone oven cuisine. They use organic ingredients all locally grown. In their sweet folkloric patio you will find the delicious flavors that define Mexican cuisine.


Super fun place with one of the best fish tacos and burritos of the area.

Baja Takeria is inspired in the typical fish tacos from Baja California, a delicious corn Tortilla with delicious shrimps, Marlin fish, octopus or any seafood of your choice, cooked in different ways and a fresh salad on the side.

If you are vegetarian they will take care of you as well. The Salsas are extraordinary and of course always good Guacamole.

Baja Takeria Marlin Fish Tacos Cesar Salad & shrimps
baja takeria 1 baja takeria 2 baja takeria 3


The typical Mexican food … Maria’s is a great choice for breakfast or lunch !

Continental breakfast with fresh fruit salad like papaya, mango, pineapple, honey and water melon and other exotic ones like Guanabana.

Delicious eggs just as you like them: scrambled or Sunny Side up with ham, bacon, sausage, always accompanied with beans and other side dishes. Prefer to try the local fare? Maria’s has it’s famous “Rancheros” with the base of Corn Tortilla and beans sauce or delicious “Divorciados” with two different Mexican salsas green and red. For lunch, Sandwiches your way, with different combinations that are ideal for meat-eaters or vegetarians. Don’t forget about fresh juices to stay hydrated in the tropical climate! Excellent service and reasonable portions.

Maria´s Huevos Divorciados Fresh Fruit & Yogurt
marias 1 marias 5 marias 6


A cozy little place awaits you on the Main Street . If you do not want to enter in the restaurant you can sit at the bar of the food truck that is parked right out front.

Did someone say barracuda fish? definitely one of the best places to eat fish tacos, shrimp, octopus, marlin crisp “Tostadas”, excellent ceviches and everything is fresh fresh fresh!

Asks for one, two, three, do not limit yourself , we know you ‘ll love it. Accompany your meal with a cold and delicious “Chela “(beer) look for the Mexican survival guide to learn more about the Mexican slang.

Barracuda Food Truck Shrimp Tostada
barracuda 1 Barracuda 2


If you fancy a set of wheels, we have three options for you:

  • Golf Cart rental
  • Bicycle Rental 
  • Local Taxis
golf cart bicycle corona-extra-beach-taxi-small-5

Or, if you’re feeling up for a nice walk, your feet will take you from point A to point B. San Pancho is small and for most of our activities it is comfortable to walk.

San Pancho map