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Aurora Nealand
Jake Sanders
Swing Mexico Jazz Band
Los Swingones

“In performance, Nealand brings an effervescence to her presentation whether she’s sitting onstage, standing on the street, or marching in a parade. Her eyes light up as the music ignites, and her smile encourages other musicians to play their best, and the audience to get into it and dance, bounce or sway. It’s obvious that she takes the music seriously, but that exploring while playing is an aesthetic priority. She is definitely one to watch as an innovator and creator.”

– Downbeat Magazine

An established bandleader, composer, performer and improviser, Aurora Nealand has become a prominent force in the New Orleans music scene since she first arrived in 2005. Combining the “formal education” – a music composition degree from Oberlin Conservatory and training at the Jacques Lecoq School of Physical Theatre in Paris – with the “informal” experience of playing music in the streets and clubs of New Orleans and throughout the northern Hemisphere, Nealand has emerged as an innovative, sensitive and daring music creator and performer.

She is most recognized for her performance on saxophones, clarinet and vocals and has been at the forefront of the revival of New Orleans Traditional Jazz amongst the younger generation of the city’s musicians. After playing and learning as a sideman in established New Orleans Bands for several years, (Panorama Jazz Band, VaVaVoom, The New Orleans Moonshiners), in 2010 she formed her own Traditional Jazz band “The Royal Roses”. The Royal Roses released it’s first album, “A Tribute to Sydney Bechet: Live at Preservation Hall” to national acclaim and Nealand was voted as one of Downbeat Magazines top ten rising stars for soprano saxophone in 2010.

Jake Sanders grew up in Appleton , WI and though he spent years away he has now returned to his midwestern roots, settling in one the main historic cradles of jazz- Chicago, IL. A self-taught guitar and banjo player Jake truly delved into into vintage music while working for renowned bandleader Vince Giordano in New York City. While living there he formed “The Cangelosi Cards”, planting a seed for the current, thriving, young, traditional jazz scene you find in New York today. He has been involved with and contributing to the Handsome Devils from day one, and has collaborated with Naomi on numerous original arrangements for the band. His sensibility and insight have guided the project many a time. He currently plays with several projects, most notably “The Fat Babies”, a renowned hot jazz band playing in Chicago and beyond.

SWMX Jazz Band was born out of a collaboration between the Swing Mexico team and Jacob Sanders from Chicago, a guitarist and arranger for The Fat Babies as well Naomi and her Handsome Devils. The dream was to to create the best swing band in México for lindy hoppers, and we believe we have done it.We brought together some of the best Jazz musicians in México to play Jacob’s arrangements.

The band’s members include:

Léo Cortes, México: Bandleader & Bass
Louise Phelan, Ireland: Vocalist
Francisco Muñoz, Mexico: Guitar
Tomas Krumm, Chile:  Piano
Yaury Hernández Fernandez, Mexico: Drums
Reinier Toledo-Sanchez, Cuba: Trombone
Diego Franco, México: Tenor Sax & Clarinet
Javier Rodriguez, México: Trumpet

Los Swingones están dedicados a interpretar los temas de música swing que nos hacen bailar a todos. Se trata de un encuentro entre la epoca dorada del jazz y los tiempos modernos, involucrando por supuesto el Lindy Hop, baile social que ha crecido a la par del swing y que en México ha tenido muy buena aceptación. En un show de Los Swingones se puede hallar una atmosfera de diversión y disfrute, entrando también en los terrenos mas “blue” de la música jazz entintados con el estilo europeo así como lecciones de baile previas y durante el concierto dirigidas por la mejor compañia de Lindy Hop. Glen Miller, Benny Goodman, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellingtone, Ella Fitzgerald, Django Reinhardt, Frank Sinatra, Luis Alcaraz, son algunos de los nombres que suenan con cada nota que Los Swingones tocan. Aurélien Perriaud y Hector Joffre a la batería, Mark Slap y Andrés Martinez al contrabajo, Luis Meneses al trombón Y Julian Flores a la Trompeta son algunos de los músicos que acompañan a este dueto para crear un background único. Los Swingones se encuentran preparando su primer material discográfico.