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Everyday we will gather at the beach to play, wash off a hard day’s work in the waves, and say goodbye to the sun while listening to music. Everyday can have a different flavor… Gin & Tonics and beach volleyball, Mojitos and dancing with a local jazz band, Palomas and watching the sun drop into the sea…


There will be excellent parties every day with great Live music and excellent DJs.
Our Regular dance and workshop venue is called “Bodega Teatro” and is a unique artistic warehouse adapted to the festivals needs.
On our Saturday Gala night the party will be in the Playa del Sol, the central playa of the village of San Pancho.
Get ready for exceptional music with our musical director Jacob Sanders from Chicago, special guest Jonathan Doyle, The Swing Mexico Jazz Band and Los Swingones.


During the evening parties, we will share important camp updates and you’ll have the pleasure of enjoying the Midnight Special! Here, you will see exotic surprises, dance shows, and Circus Magic.

If you are interested in performing anything, please send us an email!