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Time to register for this party!

This year we are using a brand new registration system called

When you select your pass you will be taken to the page. If you do not have a Lindy Plus account you will be asked to create one, then you will be taken to the Swing Break Mexico registration page.

*** is a new service to the Lindy Hop community intended to facilitate the registration to festivals and dance schools world wide. Some of the kinks are still being worked out and we are working with the programmers of the page to perfect the system. If you encounter any problems, email us right away and we will help you!***

Solo Couple
LindyTech + party pass 7,500 MXN 14,25o MXN
WeekDay + party pass 6,500 MXN 12,350 MXN
WeekEnd + party pass 5,500 MXN 10,450 MXN
LindyTech + WeekEnd + Party Pass 10,000 MXN 19,000 MXN
WeekDay + WeekEnd 8,500 MXN  16,150 MXN
Absolut Beg (weekday + weekend) + parties 3,000 MXN  6,000 MXN
Absolut Beg  (weekday) + parties 2,000 MXN  4,000 MXN
Absolut Beg (weekend) + parties 2,000 MXN 4,000 MXN

**Limited party passes available. Send us an email if interested!**


There is only few spots left, please contact us at


(From Puerto Vallarta´s airport)

We strongly recommend that you request our shuttle service, especially if it’s your first time in Mexico. This exclusive transportation is provided by Swing Break Mexico and will take you directly to San Pancho!
Shuttles will be scheduled on the main arrival days, Sunday March 25th & Thursday March 1th, and on for returns to the airport on Sunday March 4th.

Regular Price
(One way)
Regular Price
(Round trip)
600 MXN 1,000 MXN

DEPARTS: from Cracovia 32, San Ángel, Saturday, February 24th at 11pm
ARRIVES: in Guadalajara (exact location to be announced) Sunday, February 25th at approximately 5am to pick up passengers.
Approximate arrival time in San Pancho is 11 am on Sunday February 25th.
RETURN: Bus returns to Guadalajara & Mexico City on Sunday March 4th, 5pm.

Regular Price
(Round trip)
 1,900 MXN
 Regular price
Complete Breakfast 7 days  840 MXN
Lunch Buffet Full week (5 days of classes) 750 MXN
Complete Breakfast 3 days 360 MXN
Lunch Buffet Weekend (Friday & Saturday) 300 MXN
Special Camp Dinner (Saturday night) 320 MXN
 BATHING SUIT Regular price

Get in Swing Break style! Vintage Bathing Suits for men & women! (We’ll be taking a group swimsuit photo on Saturday afternoon at the beach!)

 1000 MXN
 T-SHIRT  Regular price
Tshirt - 1

The Swing Break T-shirt! To avoid waste, we will not be making extras, so if you would like us to bring one to you, please reserve it!

 250 MXN
Surfing We will announce prices and sign up people during the festival!
Learn to Cook Mexican Salsas
“Temazcal” Traditional Mexican Sauna
A tour to the world famous Marietas Islands
A tour to the pre-historic Petroglyphs of Nayarit
Let’s get started!