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(Tim Collins, Ruchi Avilés, Pao Avilés & Eduardo Mercado)

The SW!NG MEX!CO (SWMX) team has been promoting swing dance culture and music in Mexico tirelessly since 2010. Swing Mexico is a dance school, event production company, show group and much more.  In 2015 they established the Swing Mexico Jazz Band to bring word class danceable swing music to México.


Kevin and Jo are Lindy hop world champions. They travel all year giving worldwide courses, seminars and shows. They have produced several activations in many festivals like the world’s most important and recognized Heräng Dance Camp.

During his visit to Mexico in 2016 kevin and Jo produce the project iLindy. There is so much to say about them, but we are sure you know them, you love them, and now they are designing a festival for you to go nuts…


Cracovia32 is not only the home of Swing México, but also a cultural production house, dance studio & event space. Also known as the “Laboratory of Creative Processes” in Mexico City, Cracovia32 is dedicated to develop sociocultural activities for the benefit of humankind.  Some of the most important productions of the team have been:

  • “Frankie 100” 2014, New York, NY
  • “Swingin´ Frankies Way” 2014, New York, NY
  • “San Pancho Swings”, 2014
  • “Circonvención Mexicana“  2013, 2014 & 2015,  Morelos, Mexico
  • “Circus in Herräng Dance Camp” Sweden
  • “Expo Vintage Fest” 2015, en CDMX
  •  Swing Break México 2017