Weekday & Weekend Classes 2017-07-19T22:49:58+00:00

Schedule: Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday

The Weekday class series is taught by Maxi, Agus, Tim and Ruchi designed for those seeking exciting classes during the week as an alternative to Lindy Tech. The class will be divided into two relative levels, Classes will include dance technique, Authentic Jazz & Lindy Hop routines.

This track will not just be your ticket to great swing dance training, but also an exploration of the skills it takes to grow as a fantastic dancer. We will work on partner dance skills and solo movement, and focus on improving your coordination, flexibility, and abilities on the dance floor.


Schedule: Friday & Saturday

The classes we have all been waiting for! The Swing Break Mexico teachers team up (Kevin y Jo, Maxi y Agus, Tim y Ruchi), to create an exciting learning environment with 3 levels of instruction:

Beginner / Intermediate – You’re no longer new to Lindy Hop, but the journey is still taking shape. You still appreciate review of classic figures, but enjoy new challenges. You want a friendly learning environment full of encouragement, clear instruction and taco making advice.

Intermediate – You are a competent dancer who can confidently say, “I’m a lindy hopper” but you realize there is so much more to learn. You want to start focusing in on fundamentals but still need exposure to more lindy hop repertoire. Most would say you know just enough to be dangerous because you tend to innocently reach for the hottest hot sauce when eating your tacos.

Advanced – You’re edging towards badass dancer. You know all the classic moves, can dance comfortably at high tempos and probably own a tortilla towel. However, you have been dancing long enough to know that something is missing. You are ready to learn anything the teachers throw at you no matter how ‘basic’ it appears to be. You tend to party late but also wake up early eager for the next lesson.

Auditions: Before classes begin on Friday there will be an audition process to confirm the level you’ve signed up for. No matter what level you sign up for, your relative dancing level will be assessed right before classes begin to provide the best learning environment for you.